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Ask A Bay Town Roofing Contractor

Dear Baytown Roof Contractor: A huge windstorm just dropped my neighbor’s tree on my garage. The rain is coming in on everything stored in there. What do I do?

Answer: Contact a roofing professional immediately. Water damage can ruin much more than your stored mementos of the Grand Canyon. Left long enough, water can cause structural damage to your garage’s roof supports and even create a breeding ground for mold in the drywall. Give Baytown Roof Contractor a ring and make an appointment right away. We can cover the gap in your roof so nothing is ruined before we can make repairs.

Dear Baytown Roofing Contractor:
After the last hurricane swept through the Gulf, I noticed a stain forming on my kitchen ceiling. What do you think is causing this?

Answer: Depending on the type of roof you have, you may have a cracked tile, broken flashing, or missing shingles. The damage may not be evident to you at first glance since damage to an area causing a leak is not always directly over the stained ceiling. Consult your Baytown Roof Contractor and ask for a complete roof inspection as soon as possible so the problem does not get worse.

Dear Baytown Roof Contractor: Our family recently bought a new house and we decided to rent out our old one that’s never had the roof replaced. Can you check it out for us before we rent it?

Answer: Some landlords hire a roof inspector to see if there is any damage and then a separate roofing company to do the work. Your Baytown roof contractor can simplify the process by doing the inspection for you and then either give your rental home roof a clean bill of health or outline the repairs or renovation it needs.

Dear Baytown Roof Contractor: My workshop roof was leaking a little last year when it was really raining but I let it go. This year it is even worse. Do you work on outbuilding roofs or just houses?

Answer: Though we are adept at home and office roofing, our company is no stranger to rural and workshop outbuilding roof repair and replacement. For everything from dog runs to hay barns to metal shops, we want to help you have a watertight structure with the best possible roof.